06 May 2009

Riffs: Diskavering Akustik Gitar

Ramai orang tanya apa aku belajo dalam sabjek neh.
Susah jugak aku nak bagitau sebenarnya tapi dengan aku bagitau apa yang akan ditest nanti sedikit sebanyak memberi gambaran secara 87.978% menyeluruh kepada anda.

1: 2 Essay tentang muzik.
(a) what are the factors that contibutes to the guitar as a global phenomenon (500 words dah antar dah pon ) dah dapat feedback lagi. ehem ehem..

Subject: Re: my 500-word assignment
From: "Ken James Murray"

Date: Sun, April 26, 2009 11:56 am
To: "Amirul Hazwan Kamaruddin"

Dear Amirul,

Thanks for your assignment

What are some of the factors that contribute to the guitar becoming a
global phenomenon?

I enjoyed reading your essay Amirul. You have covered many of the
pertinent issues relating to the rise of the guitar in the twentieth
century. You made the point that American styles such as blues, country
and rock have influenced global styles. This is true, but be careful not
to underestimate the substantial influence of styles from around the globe
in spreading guitar cultures and music. European countries (esp. Spain,
England, Portugal), South America (Brazil, Argentina etc), African and
Middle Eastern countries have all played a role in the global spread of
the guitar.

Grade A


(b) second essay aku bertajuk "Outline the major differences between classical and flamenco guitar styles" Due date selasa depan. Reading tak wat apa lagi. Aha ha. Lepak sudey.


2. Listening Test. Baca email ni mungkin anda akan faham memahami. tafahum. ngahaha.

Subject: Listening Test: 740116_2009_1
From: "Ken Murray"

Date: Mon, May 4, 2009 2:20 pm
To: 740116_2009_1:;

Dear Riffs students,

Below is a list of examples played in Riffs 1 lectures so far. The listening test
(held in the final week 12 lecture) will comprise examples from this list. I will
play 20 examples in the test which may be CDs, youtube or live performance. For the
youtube examples I won’t show the footage, I’ll only play the sound. It is not
necessary to identify the piece or the artist. There are three marks given for each
example. You need to identify three things:
1. The style/genre (e.g. blues, country, bluegrass, classical guitar, flamenco,
Celtic, Brazilian etc.)
2. The period (e.g. 1920s, 1930s, 1970s etc.).
3. Write something about the guitar playing. For this answer you need to listen and
identify something about the guitar style. Techniques you might mention include:
slurs (pull-offs and hammer-ons), alternate tuning, use of a slide, right hand
fingerstyle technique, string bending, simultaneous playing of chords and melody,
tremelo technique, rasgueado (flamenco strumming) etc.

I want you to enjoy listening to the examples listed below and to think critically
about different guitar styles. If you have any queries about the listening test
feel free to send me an email or see me after a lecture or tutorial.

There will be more examples for weeks 9, 10 and 11. I’ll send these out after each


Riffs 1 Listening List

Week 2: 10 March
The Rise of the Guitar in the Twentieth Century.
These are all examples that I played in the lecture.
1 The Claw (Jerry Reed). You tube. Search for Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - "The Claw"
2 Mary Had a Little Lamb (Buddy Guy/Stevie Ray Vaughan) Youtube.
3 Study No. 6 (Leo Brouwer) Naxos Online Library
4 La Petenera no ha muerto (Angel Barrios) Ken’s CD Homenaje in the Music Library –
front desk.
5 Campanas del Alba (Eduardo Sainz de la Maza) Ken’s CD Homenaje in the Music
Library – front desk.
6 Prelude No. 1 (Heitor Villa Lobos). Naxos Online Library or youtube.
7 Bouree Em (J.S. Bach) Uni Melb CD 4586.

Week 3: 17 March
The Central Role of the Guitar in Early Blues.
1 Yarum Praise Songs Fra Fra Tribesmen. The Story of the Blues. Uni Melb CD 9246
2 Mississipi John Hurt - Stack-O-Lee. The Story of the Blues. Uni Melb CD 9246
3 “Blind” Lemon Jefferson - Easy Rider Blues. Youtube
4 "Blind" Lemon Jefferson - Black Snake Moan - The Story of the Blues. Uni Melb CD
5 Ishman Bracey - Woman Woman Blues. Youtube.
6 Blind Blake - Georgia Bound. Youtube.
7 Scrapper Blackwell - Kokomo Blues. Youtube.
8 Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago. ERC 782.42164 John or youtube.
9 Charlie Patton - Stone Pony Blues. The Story of the Blues. Uni Melb CD 9246

Week 4: 24 March
The development of the Blues after 1945.
1 Lightnin' Hopkins - Bald Headed Woman - The Story of the Blues. Uni Melb CD 9246
2 Dark Was the Night (Cold Was the Ground). Blind Willie Johnson. VCA CD 1517 or
3 Robert Johnson – Crossroads. Youtube.
4 Eric Clapton and Cream – Crossroads. Youtube.
5 Robert Johnson – Love in Vain. Youtube.
6 The Rolling Stones - Love in Vain. Youtube.
7 John Lee Hooker (1917-2001) - Boom Boom. Youtube.
8 Keb' Mo's "Love In Vain" on LEGENDS OF JAZZ. Youtube.
10 Leadbelly – Black Betty. Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries.
11 Spiderbait – Black Betty. Youtube.
12 Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990)- Scuttle Buttin’. Youtube.
13 Hey Hey covered by Eric Clapton on Unplugged. Youtube.

Week 5: 31 March
Country Guitar Styles.
1 Bascom Lamar Lunsford - I wish I was a mole in the ground. Smithsonian Global
Sound for Libraries.
2 The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower. Youtube or Smithsonian Global Sound for
3 Railroad Blues - Sam McGee. Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries.
4 Jimmie Rodgers - Muleskinner Blues from the same album pre-War Country. Youtube.
5 Doc Watson - Black Mountain Rag. Youtube..

Week 6: 7 April
The Flamenco Guitar: An introduction.
Examples from Songs of the Outcasts Uni Melb CD 4036:
1 Track 1 Dolores Agujeta – Tona
2 Track Siguiriya - CHocolate & Diego Amaya
3 Track 4 Solea 1 - Jose Menese & Melchor De Marchena
4 Track 8 Alegrias - Chano Lobrato & Luis Moneo

Week 7: 21 April
Flamenco Guitar: history, style, status.
1 Isaac Albéniz - Sevilla. Guitar version youtube, piano version Uni Melb CD 873.
2 Albeniz - Leyenda (Asturias). Guitar version youtube, piano version Uni Melb CD 873.
3 Paco de Lucia Sevillanas with Manolo Sanlucar from the video Sevillanas 793.319468
SEVI or youtube.
4 Paco de lucia Solea Youtube (search for Paco de Lucia Solea Greaaaaaaat)
5 Paco de Lucia - Tico, Tico – youtube
6 Camarón and Paco de Lucia - Bulerias. Youtube.
7 Paco de Lucia – Convite. Youtube.
8 Paco de Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas. Youtube.
9 Paco de Lucia Shreds. Youtube.

Week 8: 28 April
An Introduction to Brazilian Guitar Styles.
Week 8:
1 Villa Lobos – Choro No. 1 Naxos Online Library
2 Raphael Rabello and Dino - Segura Ele. Youtube, search “HOMENAGEM AO DINO 7
3 Garoto - Jorge do Fusa. Various amateur guitarists on youtube.
4 Luis Bonfa. Orfeo’s Samba (Black Orfeus) Youtube, search for “Luiz Bonfa Samba de
4 Antonio Carlos Jobim – Corcovado. Youtube, search “Stan Getz / Astrud Gilberto –
5 The Girl From Ipanema. Youtube, search “Girl from Ipanema Tom Jobim and Joao
Gilberto Reunited”. Skip forward to 1min mark.
6 João Bosco – Nacao. Youtube, search “JOÃO BOSCO – NAÇÃO”.
7 Baden Powell - Canto de Ossanha, Youtube.
8 Baden Powell - Samba Triste. Youtube, search “Samba Triste - Europe by Loronix”.

Siapa baca semua ni memang aku respek! Dan aku lagi respek diri sendiri sebab aku kena dengar semua ni! Wuuhu!! Lepak lagi sudey... Skarang week 9. Test week 12. aha ha ha..

Last but not least
3) Practical Test? apakah? adakah sama seperti pharmacy practist? Jumpa kastemer? can I play a song for you? haha..

Subject: Practical assessment: 740116_2009_1
From: "Ken Murray"

Date: Thu, April 2, 2009 1:48 pm
To: 740116_2009_1:;

Dear Riffs students,

Thanks for the assignments on Tuesday. I’ll read them over the Easter break and
hand them back to you at the lecture in Week 7 (April 23). If you haven’t handed in
the first assignment, please send me an email ASAP. The next assignment is due at
the lecture in week 10 (May 12) should be 1000 words.
The tutorials have been running well and I want to clarify a couple of things about
the practical exam. In the exam period you will be required to present three pieces
(and maybe some simple exercises or scales) in a ten minute exam. You can prepare
three contrasting pieces from the Subject Guide. For example:

Sally Goodin - melody
Sloop John B – chords
Slide Blues (from Wk 4)

Twelve Bar Blues chords
Careless Love melody
Malagueña Spanish piece

Pieces from the extra handouts may be included
For example:
Bluegrass melody from Wk 5
Stack O’Lee

Remember, it is better to play with a confident full tone and with secure rhythm and
control, than to play difficult pieces that you haven’t mastered.

Your mark will take into account participation (attendance at tutorials) and the
improvement shown throughout the semester.

Advanced students may prepare one free choice piece for the exam.

In addition, each student should prepare a couple of scales and a technical
exercise for the exam. I will discuss this with you next week but it will be based
on things we have covered (e.g. E minor pentatonic scale, E blues scale, E major
pentatonic, slur exercises etc.)

Geoff and I thought it would be useful to hear one solo piece from each student at
the Week 7 tutorials (first week after Easter). The purpose of this is to hear you
play and give some detailed feedback. It is also a good chance to perform before
the exam. The important thing is to have a go!


faham? x faham? senang cerita aku kene mainkan 2 lagu dan 3 teknik ( 1 slurs dan 2 scale), ahaha.. Consultation dah buat dah aritu. Main depan orang ramai. Sebab aku macho wat apa cuak tapi feedbacknya.. Aku salah teknik.. SSSyyyiiidaaakkk!!!!!


Ahaha! Itu jelah. Sikit je kan? Lepak sudey..

p/s: Puan mesti bangga essay aku dapat A
p/s/s: Puan Haz mesti bengang ngan aku sebab dia bengang budak muzik selalu memekak kat bilik dia.


sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

hahahahah aku dah bace syeparuh pastu bosyan.. arghhhh aku tgk dkt atas blog ko ni ade tertulis "ABAIKAN" wuhuuuu bangang bace smpi abes sape suh.. ngeh3... ;DD

nnt aku ckp dgn puan haz~

amirulhazwan said...

apa yg ko nk bgtau?
hish, parah nih

NuR kHaiRunNiSa said...

fuisyooo..ko blaja sume nihh??siyes mmg ko minat gitar ehh??bapak ar..tabik spring!!

p/s;alahai..sweetnye..nk maen gitar utk sape tuhh??hahahahaha=P

NuR kHaiRunNiSa said...

oh ye..lagi satu tabik spring..dgn essay2 psl gitar tuh..pergh2..x sangke..ingat blaja gitar cm petik2 je..xde la smpi buat2 essay..mantap2..good for u amirulhazwan..

amirulhazwan said...

fuh fuh~~
semangt mengomen
nak wat cmne khai,
terima la seadanya.

lepak sudey.. anyway, thanks 4 de compliment. '_'

p/s: men lagu tuk kastemer la. ngahaha