05 February 2010

song: Follow Your Dream by Sheryn Regis

apa yang diperlukan ialah semangat untuk meneruskan apa yang diimpikan selama ini. kita adalah apa yang kita bayangkan pada masa depan. ada kemampuan untuk memilih apa yang kita ingin.jika langkah pertama telah dimulakan, mengapa perlu berhenti di tengah jalan. just give your best.

Follow Your Dream by Sheryn Regis

people laugh us there
stare at you and say
she's got no where to go
but if they only know you're thinkin

when did i go wrong
how should i move on
inspite of what i see
they're losing faith in me

you tell your self to belive
that in every feet
it takes a heart to endure
all the pain and grief,
having the hope to see the best that you can be...

follow your dream
the courage found within
your soul is keeping you so strong
tht you can rise each time you fall
and stand upon your own
those time you won't go wrong
just give ur best to hold your will
persistently,become the one
you've always aimed to be

got to find your place
where you've proudly face
the woes that come ur way
sometimes it's hard to say
if you can stick to ur desire
never lose the fire
that burns up light inside for you to win the fight

you tell your self to achieve
you must not retreat
persist the stops can be tough
if you must compete
learning the path of fate
by every road you take

Chorus except last word

reaching that peak so high
but you can't describe
all you're fears inside
that one day you might be filled
with worries
youll find out in time
every misery's meant to make
you feel you're stronger to agree
Repeat chorus

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